The Baby Boop™ “You Must’ve Been a Beautiful Baby” Giveaway

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Hey, all you Boopsters! You know Betty Boop WAS a beautiful Baby Boop. It’s clear that our little darling was destined to be a superstar from the very beginning.

Now, thanks to the generosity of one of our newest licensees, we have a cool giveaway that highlights Betty as a Boopette. PlayTales has just launched A Day With Baby Boop, a delightful new eBook* that features interactive animation, original narrations, and sound effects. Little ones will discover a variety of new vocabulary words in this cute little eBook as they enjoy learning, playing, and interacting with Baby Boop.

All you have to do is tell us in 50 words or less why you love BABY Boop. Post your comment on this blog or email and you’ll be entered to win! Winners will be randomly drawn and announced on or about March 15. Good luck!

*Please note: These eBooks are only available for IOS users at this time. Prizes are awarded in the form of a free download of A Day With Baby Boop to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) through the PlayTales application. Winners will be required to install the free PlayTales application and provide information specific to their device and app installation. No personally identifiable information is required.

For another chance to win, try your luck next week on the PlayTales Facebook page ( and enter their raffle giveaway to win a copy of the book!


14 thoughts on “The Baby Boop™ “You Must’ve Been a Beautiful Baby” Giveaway

  1. I love Baby Boop because she is the sweetest and most adorable Boop ! Fun and her smile brightens the room. She’s Amazing!

  2. Who doesn’t love Baby Betty Boop! She is awesome and can make anyone smile no matter how you are feeling! She is Amazing!

  3. Betty Boop is my stress reliever. Whenever I see my betty boop collections, I feel so happy and all negative vibes are being thown out. My eyes are getting bigger and bigger and my heart beats so fast whenever I see lots of betty boop items. In short I am a betty boop addict!!!

  4. i love baby boop because is cute and one of a kind!! perfect to the new kids learn about this amazing girl Betty Boop!!!

  5. Hi all u boopsters OK my wife loves Betty boop she has collected over ten thousand dollars worth of Betty boop items. Betty boop was created in a time when the american people needed hope. She is a inspiration to all she dignifies america and is remembered.

  6. i love and have always loved betty boop i have just about everything of her from car stuff 2 house and bedding stuff shirts ,socks,hats,ect. i even have my 10yr old little girl with her stuff and i have a baby on da way a little girl due n about 2 1/2 weeks and a family member 4 my baby shower kno how much i love betty boop got my baby sum betty boop outfits that made my day :)

  7. made it possible for a person instantly discover spoke about lp, musics, before additional addicts correlate as to the youre listening in to. Clicking on a single of the force center in to facilitate thing, as well as a further pair of

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