A Brand-new Big Screen Gig!

Did you hear? I told Simon, “Yes!” when he wooed me to star in the new movie he’s producing.  ”Simon, who?” you say? Oh, just Simon Cowell, one of the biggest names in entertainment!

Click to enlargeAnimal Logic Entertainment (about the hottest animation & VFX studio around, having done movies like The LEGO® Movie and Happy Feet) and Simon Cowell and his Syco Entertainment company are teaming up and I’m gonna be their big star on the big screen! You see, my people at Fleischer Studios and King Features got together with their people and CAA who reps them – and voilà! They struck the deal!

But hey, you know how it is, trying to keep these negotiations under wraps in Hollywood. I told Simon to just hush his mouth until everybody could check out the announcement about our big news.

This is a fab creative team that’s working on my movie. I’m so excited, I’m just breathless! It’s gonna have lots of music – right up our alley, right, Simon? Naturally, I will get to sing. And dance, too. You know me, I could dance all night (in fact, did so recently). I love it! There’s lots of work to be done in the days ahead, but we’re over the moon about the project and everything’s booping right along. Keep an eye on my blog ’cause I’ll be posting the latest news for all of you, my favorite fans, right here at BettyBoop.com.

Boop-Oop-a-Doop! Xoxox


10 thoughts on “A Brand-new Big Screen Gig!

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