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“Searching for Miss Betty Boop” – One Fashionista’s Dream Come True?

Click to enlargeSo, you all know Italy is famous for fashion, right? Well, shoppers there who are fans of ME are having GREAT fun this month as 200 Fiorella Rubino stores across the country are promoting a contest for their customers. Can you imagine? It’s called “Searching for Miss Betty Boop!” You see, when they heard the news about Simon Cowell making my movie, they were inspired to create a very cool event in addition to selling the product in the stores.  Boop-Oop-A-Doop! Continue reading



Click to enlargeEverybody loves Halloween! There’s mischief in the air, dress-up fun galore and lots of goodies to satisfy any sweet tooth. And no one has more fun on Halloween than Betty Boop, the Queen of Costume Couture. She can play any role, be anyone, yet always remain recognizable as her own sweet self.

So how does Betty celebrate the holiday? She has FUN, FUN, FUN – but always does so SAFELY. Now she’d like to share some of her top favorite tips for you and your family. Continue reading

Check ME Out on Instagram!

Hi, everybody!

I know so many of you are big fans of social media. Me, too. It’s so much fun to share new things with my fans. So, you know I have my own Twitter and Facebook pages, right? And my friends at Fleischer Studios are now on Instagram. But did you realize I have MY OWN Instagram, too? That’s right. And some cool things have started to happen on Instagram. Check it out!

Betty Boop Instagram Continue reading

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