Back to School with Betty Boop

At this time of year as summer is coming to a close, moms and dads start to think about all the things they’ll need to do to get the kids ready for Back to School. Did you know that Betty Boop played the role of the teacher in two of her Fleischer cartoons?

Dancing Fool screenIn the 1932 Fleischer Studios cartoon, “Betty Boop The Dancing Fool,” our heroine teaches her animal friends at “Betty Boop’s Dancing School.”

Click to enlargeIn the 1938 cartoon, “Pudgy in the Swing School,” teacher Betty is very annoyed when Pudgy arrives late for class. She becomes even more annoyed when, after spraying his throat and multiple tries, he still can’t sing on key like the rest of the class. When Betty puts him in the dunce chair, his classmate feels sorry for him and she gives him a kiss. Blossoming puppy love wins the day, causing Pudgy to break out in song – and this time, he gets the entire class swinging – including Betty!