Betty Boop Gets Her Very Own PepsiMoji Just in Time for World Emoji Day!

Betty Boop PepsiMoji

In celebration of World Emoji Day on July 17th and the brand’s global #PepsiMoji campaign, Pepsi® opened a limited-engagement interactive exhibit that follows how love has been communicated through the ages.

Love: From Cave to Keyboard, imagined by Pepsi, explores the evolution of communication through the emotional lens of love – from primitive etchings on earthen walls to illustrative hieroglyphics; icons drawn by hand to icons on the screen; from <3 to today’s evocative global language.

Click here to check out an overview video of the exhibit.

Betty Boop (#booplove) is getting a modern makeover for today’s generation, complete with her very own PepsiMoji design and layered augmented reality bringing her to life.

Learn more about the exhibit and the PepsiMoji campaign here:

To have fun with the PepsiMojis, download the PepsiMoji Keyboard App for free on the Apple App and Google Play stores.