Betty’s Boopin’ into Year 2015 in Style!

betty_taking_notesBetty Boop is all set for a fantastic 2015!  She’s already been working on her To Do list (which includes some New Year’s resolutions for making 2015 a super year). With so many fun new products and collectibles, keeping up with her Facebook friends, Tweeting, pinning on Pinterest, and now, posting cool pics on Instagram, she’s got a busy year ahead.

Some of Betty’s inspiring ideas for making it a great year? She’s happy to share a few you can try, too:

Pamper Yourself

Do something nice for yourself. Get a massage. Change up your hairstyle. Go wild with a new nail color. Buy a new pair of shoes. Relax all evening in a bubble bath. Whatever you do as a treat for yourself, you deserve it!

Learn Something New

It’s a New Year so get out of your rut and take the opportunity to do something you’ve never done, read something you’ve never read, try something you’ve never tried. You will be amazed at how much it does for your self-esteem. It will also give you a lot more to talk about — a great asset that will help you make some new friends!

Practice Acts of Kindness (Random or Not)

The world can be a dark and scary place but if you practice acts of kindness (whether randomly or very intentionally), you will shine a beacon of light into someone else’s day. And that someone may really need it!

Whatever you do, make the best of your New Year!