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Holiday Boopabilia, Part 2

As we continue our look at the wonderful holiday collectibles, I’d like to point out some ephemera.  The earliest appearance of Betty Boop in the holiday spirit is on the cover of the January 1935 Fleischer’s Animated News.  FAN was the in-house newsletter of the studio and it is very difficult to find original copies, […]

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Fa La La La La, It’s a Betty Boop Christmas!

Here we are in December, and the holiday season is upon us!  And through the years, Betty Boop has certainly enjoyed taking part in Christmas.  Personally, I find this very interesting, as Betty takes on the role of Santa Claus in some cases, and to the best of my knowledge, would be the first female […]

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Collector’s Corner: Betty Boop Collectibles from the United Kingdom

By Leonard Ellis With the Olympics just ending, and a focus on London and the United Kingdom fresh on my mind, I was reminded of  the home of one of Betty’s true collectibles.  Many of us know the name Wade from the Wade Whimsies that were included in boxes of Red Rose Tea.  Wade has […]

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