Fun Stuff

Happy Birthday, Uncle Max!

Hi, Everyone, I’m sure all the animation buffs out there know my Uncle Max Fleischer as a pioneer, inventor and innovator in the film industry. He was responsible for many “firsts” during the Golden Age of Animation. Did you know… In 1921, Uncle Max and his brother Dave established their own company which became Fleischer […]

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A Big Boop-Oop-A-Doop to Kimberly!

Hi, Everyone! I want to give a Boopin’ Big Shout-Out to Kimberly, who featured her gifted Betty Boop tee in a recent post “July 4th Sparklers.”  She also reposted on her Instagram account and gave tap credit to me @BettyBoopOfficial. is the lifestyle blog of Kimberly Luu, clinician by day, style blogger by night, and […]

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Limited-Time Betty Boop Challenge from Jackpot Party Casino!

Join us for a brand new, limited-time Betty Boop Event! With the release of the new Betty Boop game in the Jackpot Party Social Casino Facebook App comes the announcement of a Betty Boop Challenge! Here’s how it works: When you first enter Jackpot Party Social Casino, follow along with the brief tutorial on how […]

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