Announcing the Winners of Our December Cartoon Giveaway

Hey there, Betty Boop fans! At last! It’s time to congratulate three of your fellow Boopers. That’s right. We’ve notified Diana, Betty and Marla that they are winners of our December Betty Boop Cartoon Giveaway!!! Betty Boop – The Essential Collection  is newly re-mastered in HD from 4K scans of the original negatives and finegrains, Volume […]

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It’s Another Big Betty Boop Cartoon Giveaway!

Hey there, Betty Boop fans! Just when you thought it was ALL about shopping, the team here at Betty Boop Central is doing another Big Betty Boop Giveaway! That’s right. Thanks to our friends at Olive Films, we have a Vol. 2 of Betty Boop – The Essential Collection to give away — and YOU […]

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