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Stylin’ with … Me!

Hey, friends!

So you know how it is in Hollywood, right? Out of sight, out of mind. You gotta keep boopin’ and get your name and face out there, even if you’re the biggest of stars. Ahem, like me.

So I was out in L.A. last week for the big announcement about Simon Cowell and Animal Logic producing my new movie. Well, since I always try to maximize my trip, I asked my agency to put together a special event for me while I was out there. Boy, did they put on a real shindig! They invited the press and nearly 200 media folks showed up! Just look how cool this was!

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Betty Boop has traveled all around the world, making friends wherever she goes. Whether she’s hiking or biking, driving or boating, cruising or flying, she has picked up lots of tips to make her trips safer, more economical and less stressful. Now she wants to share them with you. Here are her top five faves:

Click to enlarge1) Make and Update a Packing List
Get yourself a cool Betty Boop polka dot flip pad and make lists of travel essentials for each type of trip you plan to take (overnight business, the long drive to visit the relatives, a weeklong island vacation). Put them in your suitcase. They’ll be right at your fingertips the next time you need to pack. It will make the process much more orderly! When you get home, look at your list, add things you wished you had taken with you and get rid of all the items you never should have lugged along! Continue reading

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