Dress Me Up & Win a BIG Prize!


Hi, Everyone!

Are you a fashionista like me? Then you’re going to love my new app: Dress Betty Boop™ from BM Fashions (Ltd.) U.K. is SOOO much fun! It’s available on Google Play and iTunes!

In this cool multi-level game, you can test your stylist skills by dragging and dropping clothing onto little ole me from a selection of different outfit pieces designed for various events. Make sure you watch the weather!

Challenge yourself against the game’s timer to pick the right ensemble for me (you can set your time to manage the difficulty in each level of the game). You have to keep up with my fashion sense or you won’t progress to the next level!

As you make your way up through the levels and different scenarios, you’ll discover the game gets progressively more difficult – that’s what makes it fun!

Dress Betty Boop App

Enter the BIG Dress Betty Boop™ Prize Promotion

As if it wasn’t enough fun just playing this game, my friends at BM Fashions have sweetened the pot: They are running a BIG Dress Betty Boop Prize Promotion! IF you are 18+ years of age and you live in the United Kingdom or the United States, you are eligible to enter. Here’s how:

1. Download the Dress Betty Boop game — available on Google Play and iTunes

2. Click the Prize Promotion box.

3. When the Pop-up box with Official Rules appears, you must tick the box to accept in order to play the competition.

4. A tick box stating that you agree to share info on Game Centre, which you must also accept, in order to enter the prize promotion. If you don’t, the prize promotion box will not open.

5. Next, the Road Map appears.


6. The game will be set and played in Normal Mode.

7. You play and complete level 1 & 2. (Remember, if you exit, you must start all over again!)

8. On scoring maximum points on level 1 & 2, you are automatically entered via Game Centre. It will log a) Submission number b) Email address c) Time submitted

9. BM Fashions will hold the prize draw by date and time of submission, and contact the winner by email.

10. The promotion is valid from 10th August to 30th September only


Good luck, Everybody! Follow the fun on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dress-Betty-Boop-App and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BettyBoopApp

Dress Betty Boop App

Enjoy the game!!!