About Betty Boop and Her Friends

Q: I had heard Betty was once a dog. Is this true?

A: Betty was created as the love interest for one of Fleischer’s popular animated characters, Bimbo, a dog, who was the star of his own Talkartoon series. Betty’s first film appearance in “Dizzy Dishes” (8/9/30) was brief, and appropriately… she looked a little bit like a dog! She was unnamed, had jowls, big teeth, and dog ears. Still, anyone would recognize the Betty we know today. Boop on over to FleischerStudios.com for more of Betty’s rich history!

Q: What color are Betty’s eyes?

A: They are a gorgeous light green.

Q: What is the name of Betty’s dog?

His name is Pudgy! Pudgy first appeared in the cartoon “Betty Boop’s Little Pal,” released on September 21, 1934, and last appeared in “My Friend The Monkey,” released on January 27, 1939.

Q: Then who is Bimbo? Is he her dog, too?

A: Bimbo is a cartoon dog created by Fleischer Studios. He first appeared in the Out of the Inkwell series. Betty Boop was created to be his companion in the Talkartoons series, but eventually, she became more popular with the public and Bimbo moved into a supporting role.

Q: Is Grampy Betty’s grandpa?

A: Yes, he is Betty’s grandpa. Grampy’s first appearance was in “Betty Boop and Grampy,” which was released on August 16, 1935. Besides appearing with Betty in other Betty Boop cartoons, Grampy appeared in his own cartoon, “Christmas Comes But Once a Year,” which was released on December 4, 1936.

Q: Who is Baby Boop?

A: Baby Boop is the infant version of Betty Boop.

About Purchases

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about a product I ordered?

A: If an order was placed at Amazon.com, please follow up with their customer service directly.

If an order was placed for a Betty Boop Fan Club Membership Kit or other Betty Boop Fan Club products at www.bettyboop.com, send an e-mail with your order number, a description of the issue and your info to: fanclub@bettyboop.com

If the order you placed or the purchase of a Betty Boop item was not made from either of these two outlets, please contact the place or site of purchase.

About the Business of Betty Boop

Q: Can I sell items I’ve created with images of Betty Boop?

A: Without authorization, it is illegal to sell or distribute any product using Betty Boop images from the official Betty Boop site, fan sites, licensee sites, scanned images and your own drawings of Betty Boop.

Q: How can I get authorization?

A: Become a Betty Boop licensee! Please contact the King Features Licensing Department.