Injured Puppy Named “Betty Boop” Gets Help from My Creators

Everyone loves a good story and I can guarantee that this one will defnitely tug at your heart strings!

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“Betty Boop” rests comfortably at the shelter

Back in January, an adorable puppy missing its paw was found in the freezing cold on the streets of Chicago. She was taken to the city’s largest no kill humane organization, PAWS Chicago, where she was cared for by the veterinary staff who gave her a storied name: mine. Yes, she’s “Betty Boop!”

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We are all rallying around “Betty Boop!”

Chicago FOX 32 posted a story with photos of the canine cutie on its website  and put out an appeal to its viewers for donations to get the puppy a prosthesis. Fleischer Studios, MY creators, saw the story on the FOX 32 website and stepped in to donate the money needed for the prosthesis. And thanks to the  PAWS volunteer and her boyfriend who have now stepped up to adopt, little “Betty Boop” has found her forever home!

According to a follow-up story that aired on Chicago FOX 32 and was posted on its website, I’m thrilled to report that the condition of this sweet pup continues to improve. Under the watchful eye of all the good folks who have come to love her and the good work of Dr. Barbara Loyal, Betty will get her prosthesis and lead a very happy life. Check out the video of the story here. You can bet your sweet Boop I’ll be keeping an eye on THIS little girl! Check back here at my blog for more news.