Love Me, Love My Dogs

betty_in_easter_bonnet Hi, everybody,

There’s an old saying: “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Well, it’s true. Dogs are loving and caring and oh-so loyal. They know if you’re sad and, because they love to play, they can always make you happy. Dogs are everything a good friend should be. I think a dog is a girl’s best friend, too – certainly mine. I simply adore Pudgy. AND did you ever notice that my boyfriend Bimbo is always putting on the dog when he steps out with moi? And so he should. I always say, Every dog will have its day. So when you have great style, flaunt it! It will get you noticed – and who knows how far you can go to realize your dreams?!? Hot diggety dog!

Tee hee. Bet you wonder why all this talk about dogs!?! Well, my family has just mounted a wonderful exhibit on their website about all the wonderful dogs that have been part of our history at Fleischer Studios.

Max Fleischer's Dog BimboPudgyFrom the nameless dog who spoke the first-ever synchronized words in animation history to my Uncle Max’s dog, “Bimbo,” to the heartwarming story I told you about the real-life puppy in Chicago named “Betty Boop,” this exciting new exhibit features one of the earliest extant examples of Max Fleischer’s animation, never-seen-before home movie footage, and just a wealth of cool information about the dogs who had roles in many of my cartoons and throughout my family’s storied history.

Check out the exhibition at Boop-Oop-a-Doop!