Newsletter and Fan Club Announcements!

Betty-on-computerHey, Betty Boop Fans!

This month at BB Central, we are introducing brand-new features that we’re sure will add a whole lotta Boop-Oop-a-Doop to your day!

Starting this month, you can receive our brand-new interactive Newsletter via email. The Betty Boop Newsletter is edited specially for all the Betty Boop fans who have been so loyal to our favorite animated lady.

Fan Club members and shoppers from the Official Betty Boop store are automatically signed up. Everyone else can subscribe on the right side of the page.

Betty Boop Newsletter

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In each monthly edition of the Newsletter, you’ll find:

  • Highlights from the Betty Boop blog – never miss a story!
  • Our Top Tweet from a fan – it could be you!
  • My Favorite Photo from Pinterest
  • Featured items from the Official Store
  • Special Promotions, Announcements, and More…

For the Official Betty Boop Fan Club, we’re launching brand-new members-only benefits in addition to the basic membership rewards (such as an automatic 10% discount on your entire order at the Official Betty Boop Store). Now you will be able to log in every month on and be transported to a secret area for Fan Club Members Only. There, you will have access to the Item of the Month – created exclusively for the Betty Boop Fan Club.

XBCT110Our inaugural item available for October is an Official Betty Boop Fan Club T-shirt created by the designers at King Features specifically with members in mind. Want one FREE? It’s only a click of a button to register but only Fan Club members are eligible to enter our random monthly drawing.


It’s easy to sign up and it’s only $10 for a lifetime Fan Club membership. Just click here.

You know Betty just wants to be loved by YOU! We’re awfully glad you do and we hope you’ll keep on Booping right here at!