A Star Can Never Have Too Much Good Publicity :-)

Hi, everybody,betty_metro_sg-03

My PR agency has really been doing a GREAT job of getting me out there in front of my fans in ALL the right places! Here are some shots of the Press Preview for Spring 2015 they staged at their hip New York City studio. (Seriously, now. You didn’t think all of us big stars got where we are today by doing it all on our own??? Everyone can use a little help from their friends!)

Spring 2015 the PRESS preview AtmosphereSpring 2015 the PRESS preview Atmosphere 1 Continue reading

How to Do Gorgeous Makeup and Look Like ME!

“No one defines sultry, come-hither sexiness more than Miss Betty Boop.”

Hey, Boopsters,

Isn’t that a wonderful thing to have someone say about me? The great blog at Popsugar.com decided to use ME as a model for any woman who wants to have a great haircut and fabulous eyes like mine.

Betty-Boop-Makeup-How-It came out just in time for Halloween, but it was a really cool feature that works for any time you want to change things up. To learn the right techniques for doing a short wig and your own eye makeup, check it out!