MAX and Me


by Ginny Mahoney
Granddaughter of Betty Boop’s creator, Max Fleischer


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Max and me in Miami, Florida
Circa 1940. Collection: V. Mahoney

As a child, I – like all of Max’s children and grandchildren – knew him as ‘PopMax.’ My brothers and I had no idea he was world-famous for the characters he created and so wonderfully brought to the screen. To us, Koko the Clown and our beloved Betty Boop were so much a part of our lives that they seemed like members of the family! Continue reading


Shall We Boop?

Betty Boop Dancing Figurines

Click to enlargeShe could have danced all night – and she does! One night, she’s dancing the flamenco and the next, the foxtrot. She can do the jitterbug, tango or the Charleston. Collect the delicious Ms. Boop starring in her latest role from the Danbury Mint: Betty Boop TM Dancng Diva! Continue reading