“Searching for Miss Betty Boop” – One Fashionista’s Dream Come True?

Click to enlargeSo, you all know Italy is famous for fashion, right? Well, shoppers there who are fans of ME are having GREAT fun this month as 200 Fiorella Rubino stores across the country are promoting a contest for their customers. Can you imagine? It’s called “Searching for Miss Betty Boop!” You see, when they heard the news about Simon Cowell making my movie, they were inspired to create a very cool event in addition to selling the product in the stores.  Boop-Oop-A-Doop!

Click to enlargeCustomers who purchase one of the four styles in my special fashion tee collection at Fiorella Rubino can take a “selfie” with me using a screen available at the store. They must post their photo on the Fiorella Rubino website to enter the contest and be eligible to win a complete wardrobe from Fiorella Rubino AND a professional “model” photo shoot!  How cool is THAT?

The nice folks at Fiorella Rubino have been doing a bang-up job with this contest. It’s being featured on the home page of their website. So far, thousands of votes have been cast. And guess who is everywhere on display in the store? Yep. Moi! On signs, in the windows, on the contest entry cards and, of course, in the very cool photo-op screens that customers stand in front of to take their selfies.

Click to enlargeOh, and did I tell you? Fiorella Rubino created special weekend events for its top-performing stores featuring professional photographers taking pictures of the customers.  Since many of the Fiorella Rubino stores are located at shopping malls, the contest has received additional exposure thanks to the publicity efforts of the malls themselves.

I’m excited because it’s just so much FUN!!! The contest is running until November 10. Only ONE lovely fashionista will win. Good luck to all the contestants and ciao for now!