Stylin’ with … Me!

Hey, friends!

So you know how it is in Hollywood, right? Out of sight, out of mind. You gotta keep boopin’ and get your name and face out there, even if you’re the biggest of stars. Ahem, like me.

So I was out in L.A. last week for the big announcement about Simon Cowell and Animal Logic producing my new movie. Well, since I always try to maximize my trip, I asked my agency to put together a special event for me while I was out there. Boy, did they put on a real shindig! They invited the press and nearly 200 media folks showed up! Just look how cool this was!

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Click to enlargeWe wanted to showcase my new Fall fashion collection of apparel and accessories. The stylist did a great job with everything (by the way, the product is stunning, if I do say so, and I looked pretty good myself). The media reps were very complimentary about the merchandise so we hope they will give us good coverage in their outlets. We’ll certainly keep them posted on any new product releases – and YOU posted on any news.

Just keep watching right here. Boop-Oop-a-Doop!