Betty’s Boopin’ into Year 2015 in Style!

Betty Boop is all set for a fantastic 2015!  She’s already been working on her To Do list (which includes some New Year’s resolutions for making 2015 a super year). With so many fun new products and collectibles, keeping up with her Facebook friends, Tweeting, pinning on Pinterest, and now, posting cool pics on Instagram, […]

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Are You Getting the Latest Betty Boop News?

If you love Betty and you’re not signed up for the all-new official Betty Boop monthly email newsletter, now is a great time to get your free subscription! The newsletter is packed with announcements, news about the latest happenings with Betty Boop, and special offers for collectibles and other goodies.  You can sign up on […]

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Holiday Boopabilia, Part 2

As we continue our look at the wonderful holiday collectibles, I’d like to point out some ephemera.  The earliest appearance of Betty Boop in the holiday spirit is on the cover of the January 1935 Fleischer’s Animated News.  FAN was the in-house newsletter of the studio and it is very difficult to find original copies, […]

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