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A Brand-new Big Screen Gig!


Did you hear? I told Simon, “Yes!” when he wooed me to star in the new movie he’s producing.  ”Simon, who?” you say? Oh, just Simon Cowell, one of the biggest names in entertainment!

Click to enlargeAnimal Logic Entertainment (about the hottest animation & VFX studio around, having done movies like The LEGO® Movie and Happy Feet) and Simon Cowell and his Syco Entertainment company are teaming up and I’m gonna be their big star on the big screen! You see, my people at Fleischer Studios and King Features got together with their people and CAA who reps them – and voilà! They struck the deal!
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Happy Birthday, Betty Boop!

Hey, there, Boopsters!

Did you know? According to the 1998 edition of Guiness Book of World Records, “Happy Birthday to You” – or more simply, “Happy Birthday” – is the most frequently sung song in the English language. That’s right. The lyrics have been translated into at least 18 languages and the song is sung in countries around the world.

This Saturday, August 9, we can all sing “Happy Birthday” to our favorite cartoon sweetheart, Betty Boop!

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Happy Birthday, Max!

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Max and me in Miami, Florida
Circa 1940. Collection: V. Mahoney

MAX and Me

by Ginny Mahoney
Granddaughter of Betty Boop’s creator, Max Fleischer

Since tomorrow — July 19th — is Max’s birthday, I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some fun facts about the man himself.

Max was born in 1883, the second eldest of Wilhelm and Amelia Fleischer’s six children. From a very early age, he had a restless, inquiring mind always eager to learn, understand and explain the world around him, and growing up in New York offered fertile ground for his active and adventurous imagination. He loved to draw, was fascinated by machines and for a time he even considered becoming an engineer. Max was also greatly influenced by his father’s love of music. All six of the Fleischer children played instruments and growing up, Max and his siblings enjoyed many evenings at home playing music together. Click to enlarge Continue reading

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