A Brand-new Big Screen Gig!


Did you hear? I told Simon, “Yes!” when he wooed me to star in the new movie he’s producing.  ”Simon, who?” you say? Oh, just Simon Cowell, one of the biggest names in entertainment!

Click to enlargeAnimal Logic Entertainment (about the hottest animation & VFX studio around, having done movies like The LEGO® Movie and Happy Feet) and Simon Cowell and his Syco Entertainment company are teaming up and I’m gonna be their big star on the big screen! You see, my people at Fleischer Studios and King Features got together with their people and CAA who reps them – and voilà! They struck the deal!
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Click to enlargeEverybody loves Halloween! There’s mischief in the air, dress-up fun galore and lots of goodies to satisfy any sweet tooth. And no one has more fun on Halloween than Betty Boop, the Queen of Costume Couture. She can play any role, be anyone, yet always remain recognizable as her own sweet self.

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Check ME Out on Instagram!

Hi, everybody!

I know so many of you are big fans of social media. Me, too. It’s so much fun to share new things with my fans. So, you know I have my own Twitter and Facebook pages, right? And my friends at Fleischer Studios are now on Instagram. But did you realize I have MY OWN Instagram, too? That’s right. And some cool things have started to happen on Instagram. Check it out!

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Betty Boop Fashions & Fun Merchandise Featured in the Media

betty_metro_sg-03Hi, everyone!

So, you know how I told you I was out in L.A. a while back to work out my movie announcement with Simon? Well, all that other work I did, helping my PR agency choose some of my cool products to showcase in front of fashion editors, has really started to pay off. I’ve had some great coverage lately – both in traditional outlets and social media.

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